Kids Corner


My daughter, B, came home with two of the cutest art projects from preschool!


My son, M, is in the second grade. One of his weekly homework assignments is to write two stories. He can write about anything he wants. This assignment is to help him work on spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. The stories can be as short or as long as he wants but the more he does the better his grade. To help motivate him with this is that I told him I would post his stories on this page of my blog. He loved that idea. So, here is one of the stories he has recently written.
“I can’t wait to be back at school. It is fun to be back at school. My friends are at school. I can have fun with recess , PE, and math! So much to tell you why I like school.”


My oldest daughter, B, has just started going to school. She loves it! She goes one day a week and this is some of the amazing art work she has done.