Things to look forward to in the month of February:

  • On our Facebook and Instagram pages, we will be doing a 14 days of Romance Movies
  • The week of the 3-9:
  • The week of 10-16:
    • Sarah: Valentine’s Day Traditions, and A fitness update with Keto Diet info
      and Her Renovations Mess
    • Shanda: Valentine’s Day gifts for kids and Happy Valentine’s Day
  • The week of 17-23:
    • Sarah: Memorizing Devotion and The Daily Game Plan (planning her day)
    • Shanda: Verses to Pray for your husband and verses to pray for kids
  • The week of 24- March 2nd:
    • Sarah: Skin care search and fitness update
    • Shanda: Family Service Ideas and Self Care

January are: