Book Review: Healthy In The Hustle

I try to make my health a priority but I have a bad habit of putting anything and everything in front of it. So, I look to find things that will help me not put everything in front of it and to make it the priority that it should be. I ordered Candace Cameron Bure’s “Healthy In The Hustle” in hopes that it could be a tool to help me put my health first. I thought it was something other than what it is.

Candance Cameron Bure’s “Healthy In The Hustle” is so much more. It is a book to help your mental, spiritual, and emotional health with a little of physical health and eating healthy. this book has multiple parts. At the beginning of a week, it gives a little message of what the week will focus on. then each day it has two sections; morning and night. In these sections, it gives questions and/or activities to do. Each section also asks “How are you feeling” with a rating system between 1 and 10. Then at the end of the week it has a check-in to reflect on the past week.

The few weeks that I have completed , I’ve enjoyed. I have learned about myself, how these areas are not given the priority like they should be. This book is helping me make them a priority. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to make their mental, spiritual, and emotional health a priority. This is a great way to focus on these areas of your health. I ordered mine from but it can also be found on Amazon, Walmart, and Barnes and Noble.

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