Favorite: Pen Holders

I love writing! I always have. I keep a personal journal, a prayer journal and a food journal. I also have devotional journals that I write in. When I start writing in a journal, I try to use only one pen and one color in it. For example, before Christmas when I was doing the Bring on the Merry Christmas devotional by Candace Cameron Bure, I used a green pen. But, books/journals that are meant to be written in don’t always come with a place to hold your pen. It drives me crazy trying to keep track of which pens go to which journals.

One day I was scrolling through Pinterest. I love looking for inspirations on Pinterest. I cam across an Etsy post for a transferrable pen holder. I couldn’t believe it! It was such a genius idea! I thought about trying to make something similar but I never got around to it.

A few weeks ago, I was scrolling on Amazon. I found more transferrable pen holders. I decided I needed some. I found a set of four, two pink (my favorite color) and two black ones. The part that holds the pen is leather and the elastic that goes around the book is either white or black. The four pen holders cost me $9.49 plus tax. If you are like me and need pen holders for the pens you use with each journal. I recommend these pen holders. Here is a link to the ones I bought.

2 thoughts on “Favorite: Pen Holders

  1. I know I’ve found my people when they care this much about stationery. I myself need to get the trifecta of ink, pen, an paper just right, and can’t stand to change any one of those factors. Nice holders too. Thanks for sharing!

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