The Start of the Journey

Today, I thought I would write about my past and getting to the point to start my journey on living healthy. Growing up I was always one of those kids that could eat what I wanted and never gain any weight. I also did a bit of running around as a kid. My parents own a house on five acres and half of that is woods. Towards my senior year of high school and my freshman year of college, I wasn’t as active and my ability to eat anything and not gain weight stopped. I started gaining weight. People make the joke of gaining the freshman 15 in college, I gained the freshman 30.

My eating habits didn’t really change and I never established an exercise routine. I met my husband around this time, our freshman year of college. He lived two doors down. He has encouraged me to eat healthy but it was mainly when we were both trying to diet or something. Over the next few years we would try changing our habits. We would get gym memberships, but would have to cancel them not to long afterwards. We either couldn’t afford them, or we were moving and our new home didn’t have one. We would also try different healthy “kicks” but nothing ever seemed to last. Thinking back on it now, I always thought of it as dieting. Diets don’t last.

Now I have four kids and weight 65 pounds more than I should. Between each pregnancy I wouldn’t really lose the weight. After I was doing breastfeeding it would sneak back up on me. Now I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been. I hate looking at photos of myself unless they are just of my head. I also avoid looking at myself in a mirror. I do believe that we should love ourselves no matter how we look and I’m working on loving myself.

Earlier this year I learned that Carrie Underwood wrote a book. I didn’t care what kind of book it was because I love her music and figured I would enjoy her book. Then I learned it was a book about fitness and healthy eating. I figured it was a new fab diet that was going around. I picked up a copy for my birthday. I did a Book Review: Find Your Path on it because I loved it! I couldn’t put it down! It showed my that I shouldn’t look at it as dieting but as living healthy. That’s when I decided to start living a healthy life. To do it for me, my kids, my husband, and the rest of my family. I talked about the book so much that now my mom and sister are reading it. I’m hoping they come to the same conclusion I did.

Now I am on this journey to live a healthy life. I am doing my best to share my journey with you, all my ups and downs. I suggest you start living a healthy life. Stop doing whatever is the latest diet. Start making healthier choices, create a workout routine that works for you. That could be videos you put into your blu-ray, online videos, joining a gym or building your own gym in your home.

Just remember every journey starts somewhere. Let yours start here.

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