BOT: Distractions

Life has been very busy the last few weeks. Time consuming, “must do”, things have kept me busy on multiple days. Two of my kids started summer school last week. I’ve been moving boxes of my craft stuff and other personal boxes into my new she-shed while trying to organize it to make it a creative crafting office. I’ve kind of been wondering where time went.

Then I realized in the last week and a half I’ve forgotten about me and my goals, living a healthy lifestyle. I was still trying to make healthy eating choices but I had dropped the ball on multiple things i do for me like working out and blogging.But now I’m back at it!

Distractions can come in many shapes and forms. If you truly want something, don’t let these distractions set you off your plan of achieving that goal. If you do get distracted, like I did, realize it and get Back On Track!

Look for a future post on the steps I’m taking to stop any future distractions that come my way!

What are somethings that have distracted you from achieving your goals recently?

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