BOT: Week 4

I had to ask myself a hard question this week, “Am I really on track?”. I had a discussion with my husband about this and I’ve decided that i’m only half on track. My food choices have not been good. We’ve had a lot of sweets in the house; cakes, cookies, and donuts. I haven’t built up a strength to say no yet (Look for a future blog post on this). I love sweets and when I get overly stressed I like to stress eat. But, while the food may taste good in the moment, afterwards I don’t like how I feel. I’ve realized that I prefer how I feel on days that I make nothing but healthy choices.

After my husband and I talked, he had made a few suggestions on things I should and shouldn’t do. At first I didn’t want to hear what he had to say. The more I thought about it the more I knew he was right ( I hate it when he is right). Some of the things he suggested are to give up energy drinks and to stop putting white chocolate sauce in my coffee. Giving up my white chocolate is going to be the hardest. I’ve started by reducing the amount I put in by half. but if anyone has any alternative sweetner that is healthy please share in the comments below.

My husband and son spent last weekend reorganizing things and now our home gym is all together and nicely organized. Before, our bowflex was on our front porch. It has been nice to workout in a newly organized home gym. I’ve already done three workouts this week and plan to do another today and maybe tomorrow. Check out my Instagram page to see what workouts I do. We also did a family active activity last weekend and have more plans for this coming weekend and in the future weeks to come.

How has your week been? Do you struggle with saying no? What little changes are you trying to make to be healthier?

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