Summer Adventures

Last summer my kids went a lot of places, went camping a lot and just had so many adventures. This year I wanted to record/document their adventures. I wanted to give them a way to write down their adventures through their eyes and not mine or my husbands. For them to remember the parts they enjoyed the most. So I made these fun adventure books. An added bonus for these adventure books is a fun way to get my kids to write, practice sentence structure, grammar and penmanship.

These books include two pages for each adventure. I’ve included a place to record the date, weather, location with a map to show where their destination is. On the second page they write people that were on the adventure with them, what they did , wildlife that was seen, and a space to either draw a picture or put a picture of the adventure.

The green belongs to my son and the purple are my daughters.

Each book includes a place for the book owner to write their name.

The map is only of the Pacific North West because we don’t plan to travel outside that.

The cover is colorful with the year on the front. I’ve laminated it to help it last.

To bind the pages together I used a needle and colorful thread. Each of my kids has a different color of thread.

Already this summer my kids have added three adventures! And need to add a fourth. We have many more to come.

What fun things are you doing with your kids? Or if anyone is interested in one, please message me.

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