Back on Track

At the beginning of this year I had high hopes for how this year would go.  I was calling it “The Year of Me”  and then ” the year of us”.  As time goes on and our lives continue, we can forget to make us (parents) a priority.  The year is half over!  I can’t believe it is June!!!  Where did the time go?

I know when I pictured the year I didn’t see some of the events that have occurred.   I never imagined we would live through a pandemic or that I would spend the second half of the school year trying to teach my kids for their teachers.  I don’t know about you but both events caused SO much worry and stress.  With the pandemic, both my husband and I worked away from home.  We were considered essential. I kept thinking “what if we got it and everyone in the family got sick or worse?”  In fact we thought my husband might have had it, but when he went in the ER they decided not to test him because he didn’t have all the symptoms.  But he is feeling much better now.   We had to cancel our daughter’s birthday party.  It was within days of everything shutting down and the stay-at-home order being given.  Then with school!  “Are they learning anything?”,  “Am I actually helping them?”, “What if they fall behind?”  Having to change our daily schedule caused me to stop making myself a priority.  I felt there were other things more important than my health.  And isn’t that so easy to do?

Recently,  I have realized that I’ve lost sight of what I wanted during/out of this year.  But, now is the perfect time to get back on trackOur weather is FINALLY changing  to seem more like summer.  This allows for more fun outside activities.  We’ve started a garden, been putting in new pathways and flowerbeds.  Plus, we have our farm that keeps us really busy.  We plan to do some traveling this summer.  But I can’t get lost amongst all the business of our lives.  I need to make sure I make myself and my health a priority.  Now is the time to put me as a priority again.

And I have created a plan!

  1. I have found my accountability/ support group
  2. Start blogging again with weekly updates
  3. Post daily on Instagram about my activity and eating habits
  4. Workout on any and all days that I can
  5. Try to make anything and everything more active (look for a future book review that includes this)

Are you ready to make the second half of the year awesome?

I am!

Lets Do This


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