The Year of Me

Have you looked in a mirror recently and thought the person looking back wasn’t all they could be? I have.  The person looking back at me was not where I thought she would be.  I thought I would be in a different place in life, have a different career, live a healthier lifestyle, and have a stronger relationship with God.  All I could ask myself was “Why? Why is she not the person I thought I would be?”  The more I thought about the woman I saw verses the woman I thought I would be.  I then realized that I could still become that woman.

My day to day wear is a baggy t-shirt and jeans, my hair up in a pony tail/bun, and no make-up on.  I only take about five minutes to shower and get ready.  I show no pride in myself.

Well, No More!

This is the time I start wearing stylish shirts (I’m not giving up my jeans), stylish shoes, and spending more time on my hair and make-up.  I’m going to start taking the time to show that I love myself and have pride in myself.  Taking more pride in myself also means exercising on a regular bases and eating healthier.  Trying to resist my unhealthy cravings more.

This is the Year of Me!

A few months ago I got a part-time job.  We needed a little more income to help us to live the life we want (we recently purchased an RV camper).  But I haven’t had a “job” in years.  I struggled to find a job and the job I was finally able to get was a Barista at a local grocery store.  I had this same job about ten years ago.  I never saw myself in this job (again) at this point in my life.  This wasn’t the career move I saw or truly wanted.  But, it provided an income, I’ve done it before, and it allowed us to work around my husband’s work schedule.  This job works for us, now.  Over the next year I hope to change this.

I’ve always wanted to turn my blog into my career and have it provide me with an steady income.  But I can’t seem to figure out what service to provide.  So, it will continue to be something creative for me.

This year I plan to work hard, freshen up my resume and get a career established.  I’m not sure what…yet.  But I have faith that God will lead me to a great career that will still allow me to participate in all the fun family activities we have planned for this coming year.

This is the Year of Me!

This year I also plan to grow closer to God.  Take at least five minutes out of each day to read His word and to pray.  God will help provide the strength and Empowerment that I need to achieve all my goals and dreams for this coming year.

This is the Year of Me!

I’ve shared my goals and dreams with my husband.  He is fully on board to help support me in what I need to do to achieve all of them.  After talking with my husband, I started thinking about how my goals and achieving them will effect everyone in my family.  How it will benefit my kids to see me work hard to achieve my goals and dreams.  Before these realizations I had been calling this new year (2020) “The Year of Me”.  But now I’ve decided that it needs to be called “The Year of Us”.

As I was typing this up I decided that I will share my journey through this next year.  I hope that you will comment your goals and dreams for this next year.  And throughout the year, I hope you will comment your progress in achieving your dreams and goals.

This is the Year of Us!

Happy New Year!!!

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