Finding the Right Toddler Cup

My baby, E, is almost a year old. I can’t believe it, where has the year gone?
Anyway, I plan to stop breastfeeding when she turns a year old. She will need to be able to drink from a cup. Currently, on the few occasions that we have given her a bottle she has refused to drink from it. I didn’t want to get to her being a year and have her not be able to drink from a cup. So I went to Walmart to get her a sippy cup with a handle. Having a cup with a handle will make it easier for her to drink from.
Trying to pick out the right sippy cup was a little overwhelming! They had an aisle just for sippy cups/bottles. I had to decide if I wanted one with or without a handle, what color, what size, what type of drinking spout, brand, and if I wanted a solid color, character or a design. I decided on a two pack that was about $8. One is pink and one is purple. They are easy for her to use and easy for me to clean. She loves using them. I highly recommend them.

collage 2019-10-02 22_12_22938105216848360153..jpg

Recently my best friend was wanting to get a new cup for her son.  He is about 18 months old and loves drinking from her straw cup.  So, she knew when we went shopping that she wanted to get him a straw cup but she didn’t want it to leak.  We ended up finding her the perfect one.  Her son can drink from any direction and it didn’t leak! 


Do you have a favorite brand and type of sippy cup?  Please share!

Happy Reading!

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