Signs of Teething

I remember when I was a first time mom, I was looking forward to my son getting his first tooth but at the same time I was so scared.  I didn’t know what to expect and how hard it was going to be.  My husband was deployed to Afghanistan and I was going to be alone while our son started teething.

Well I was very blessed.  My son breezed through teething like nothing was happening.  They just popped out, one after another.

Now, my daughter, B, always had a fever of 103 degrees fahrenheit.  She got the fever a day or two before and lasted for a day or two after the tooth popped through the surface of her gums.  The first few times were very scary.  We didn’t know it was because she was teething.  If I remember correctly, we took her to the ER the first two teeth that were coming.  But we learned and looked for some of the other signs that come with teething like irritability.

My daughter, A, was a lot like my son.  She just breezed through things.  One popped through the surface right after the other.  She might have had a few minor changes in her drooling or sleep but not enough to really be noticeable.

Now, my youngest, E, she gets fussy and wants to be held.  She wants to be held ALL THE TIME!  It does make the day to day chores and tasks difficult to get done.  But, I know this won’t last forever.  E is also fussier, more irritable.  She is having difficulty sleeping.  And she chews on everything!

It is truly amazing how teething can effect each child differently. Here is a list of some of the signs to look for when your little one starts teething.

  • More biting of toys and/or fingers
  • Loss of appetite
  • More drooling
  • Rash around the mouth
  • More sucking
  • Ear pulling
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Irritability
  • “Teething Fever”, usually slightly elevated.


What are some unique signs your little ones might have showed?

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