Potty Training Stress

Recently I did a three part Potty Training series, Potty Training Part 1: Signs to look forPotty Training Part II: Tools/Encouragement, and Potty Training Part III: Rewards.  And I’ve learned a few things since then.  It is amazing how potty training can differ with each child.  This is my third toddler I have potty trained and this has been my hardest and most stressful.

I have been trying to potty train my little A for two months.  She started preschool last month.  For the first few weeks they allowed me to attend with her in case she needed diaper assistance.  They did this with hope that she would learn quickly.  We never made any progress.  They finally said after two weeks that should couldn’t come back until she could use the bathroom by herself, like a big girl.  She needed to be able to get the job done with righting her clothes.

My little A would sit on the potty, in fact she loved sitting on the potty.  But I could never get her to do anything.  Week after week, she would just sit.  I tried having her sit for five, ten and twenty minutes.  She would never do anything.  She would wait till she got down and then do something in her pants.  Finally about two weeks ago I decided to give her something to drink, wait about an hour and then have her sit on the potty till she went pee.  She (we) sat there for almost an hour.  But she finally did something.  I was so proud of her and I did my best to show it.  Giving her hugs, kisses, high-fives, and a special treat.

I had hoped and kind of expected her to start understand  what she needed to do and she would start attempting to use it more.  I couldn’t get her to go again.  A week went by and nothing!!! I was so frustrated!  I didn’t understand why she wouldn’t go again.

The next Saturday, I was sitting on the couch feeding the baby when i saw my little A race down the hallway.  That is usually a sign that she has to go to the bathroom ( I usually don’t catch it in time).  I quickly passed the baby to someone else and got to little A before she did her business in her pull-up.  Within a minute of putting A on the potty she went pee.  I was so happy I cried!  It was then that I realized I was too stressed about this potty training business.  We celebrated!  We started a sticker chart, she got a special treat and we called all the grandparents to tell them the wonderful news.

About an hour later I asked her to go again and she did!  She went four or five times the day.  It was such an improvement from not doing anything.  I was so happy, I thought we were on the final stretch of potty training.

She did a great job of picking it up the next morning.  We went every hour for the first half of the day.  I’m not sure why but around lunch time she stopped using the potty and started having accidents.  She would sit on the potty but refused to go, again.  Monday, she also refused to do anything.  I was so confused, again.  Tuesday, she went back to using the bathroom!  She even went poop!

Long story short, we have good days and we have not so good days.  She is learning at her pace and I need to be patient.  Each child trains differently.  Some get it right away (like my first two), others may need a few extra days, and others may need a few months with a parent that is just as stubborn as they are.

One of the things I think that has helped my little A work harder at potty training is that every morning (and after each accident) she gets to pick out what underwear she puts on.  Moana is currently her favorite character to wear.

My little A has taken her leave of absence from preschool to learn to use the potty all by herself when she needs to go.  Right now I still ask her every hour to use the potty.  Only a few times has she told me she has to go.  But we are taking it one day at a time.  I’m trying to relax and remember she will eventually go back to preschool.  Her spot will still be there.  My little A will figure this out eventually.  We just need to work together and take it one day at a time.

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