Finding the Right Skincare

For a few years I was a Mary Kay Consultant.  I love their products and I loved showing them to others.  But I wasn’t a very good consultant and I wasn’t making enough to make it worth being a consultant.  Once I decided not to be a consultant, I couldn’t afford the Mary Kay products and I needed to find a new skincare that was budget friendly.

I thought about what I needed, my skin type, and my age.  They are all things I needed to consider to help pick out a new skincare treatment.  I did research online, I looked at reviews for brands and their individual products.  I searched the top brands like Olay and Neutrogena.  After picking a brand, Olay. I researched their products.  I also did the guess your age test and reviewed what they suggested I use.  Once I had an idea of what I wanted I went to my local store, Walmart, to see what they sold.  I tried a few different cleansers.  One for the shower and one for at night.   Then I needed a good moisturizer.  Once I got home and started using my new skincare products, over time I discovered they were good but I wasn’t completely satisfied.   But I didn’t know where to go or what to try.

Then one night I was putting lotion on my hands, using my favorite lotion, Aveeno.  And I thought to myself “I wonder if they have a skincare line.  If I like their lotion as much as I do, then their skincare should be pretty good too.”

So the next time I was at Walmart and needed more skincare, I went to the aisle to see what Aveeno offered.  I ended up getting four different items.  I got the Positively Radiant skin brightening daily scrub to use in the shower.  I bought clear complexion daily cleansing pads to use at night.  I have very dry skin so I need a good moisturizer and Aveeno’s Positively Radiant daily moisturizer is amazing!  But when I was looking at moisturizers I also found Positively Radiant overnight hydrating facial.  I use this a few times a week and my skin feels AMAZING!!!  This is my favorite, look for more info on this product on our new page “Mom’s Nook”.

collage 2019-09-30 21_20_553761715668656239359..jpg

If you are looking for a decently priced but wonderful skincare, try Aveeno.  If you already have a skincare you love, please share what it is and how you discovered it and what you love most about it.

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