Potty Training Part III: Rewards

Just like every other subject of parenting; some believe in rewarding with potty training.  Now this could also depend on the child.  But I do believe in giving some kind of a reward.  there are all sorts of rewards that can be given to a child while they are learning to use the potty.  Here is a list of different types of rewards.

  1. Candy/ special treat
  2. A sticker on a chart or in a book
  3. A high-five or hug
  4. Time with a favorite game or toy
  5. A special song and/or dance

I start out giving a reward for each time they sit on the potty.  Once they start using the potty then I cut the reward back to just when they go either or both.

Once that becomes more regular then I start skipping the reward, only giving the it every other use and then back to twice a day.  Then I cut back to giving the reward only if we go all day using the potty with no accidents.  And eventually they won’t get a reward, just the satisfaction of a job well done!

What kind of reward did you use?  Did you give a reward at all?  Please share in the comments below.


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