Potty Training Part II: Tools/Encouragement

Once you know what signs to look for (Potty Training Part 1: Signs to look for) and you’ve decided that your little one might need just a little encouragement to use the potty and complete the training.  Plus they are fun tools needed to assist with potty training.

  • A Toilet/seat
    • Our big little toddler have very small bottoms.  They could fall in the toilet if not careful.  But there are two different ways to address this situation.  Either a toilet seat to work on your toilet or a little potty.  We have a toilet seat.  It fits on any toilet.  They come in almost any character.  When my 9 year old was potty training (six years ago) we got him a Cars toilet seat.  He loved it!  When my daughter, B, was potty training about a year and a half ago we got her a Princess Sofia toilet seat.  She was able to pick hers out.  We still have it and our current potty trainee, A, loves sitting on it.  screenshot_20190717-103614_chrome4817893934772679366.jpg
    • Back when we were newbies at parenting and potty training was new to us.  We weren’t sure what we needed or would use so we bought everything including a toilet for our son to learn on.  He only used it once or twice.  Getting your little one their own smaller toilet is nice.  Our toilets can be big and intimidating to our big little toddlers.  Potty training toilets come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are shaped like animals, others look like a toilet but make noises and play music.  If this is the way you decide to help your little one with potty training, do lots of research and pick the best for your budget and your trainee.
  • Big kid Underwear
    • Another great way to encourage our trainees is to buy them some big kid underwear.  Now you can pick it out and give it as a gift or you can take them to the store to pick it out themselves.  For my little A, she got Trolls underwear (her favorite movie).
    • When I was potty training my daughter, B, my mother-in-law found these potty training underwear.  This underwear is thicker, has more padding where it is needed.  This allows the underwear to catch more and not as much mess to clean up.  It gives kids the idea of what real underwear is like.    screenshot_20190717-103751_chrome841368654901878950.jpg             I try to use pull-ups till they start getting the idea of using the big potty and then I switch to the training underwear.  Once we go a couple of days without an accident then I let them wear the specially chosen underwear.
  • A job well done
    • Kids need to know when they have done a good job.  It encourages them to continue and get better.  Giving them a reward (in the beginning) after each use can encourage them to continue to use the potty.  The reward can be anything; a food, a sticker, even a high-five.  Look for my next part of my Potty Training Trio on different rewards.


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