Potty Training Part 1: Signs to look for

Life doesn’t seem to stop or slow down.  my two year old is almost three and is ready for potty training.  Potty training can be SO exciting but frustrating all at the same time.  But how do you know when your little one is ready to start potty training?

There are three areas to consider when considering starting your toddler on the road to be potty trained.  I would start by doing plenty of research.  But some of the other signs your child will give when they are ready.  First are physical signs, the second area is behavioral, and the third is Cognitive.

Some physical signs to look for are:

  • able to walk and run
  • Longer periods with a dry diaper, for about two hours or more (a nap)

Some behavioral signs to look for are:

  • Pull pants up and down (or close to being able to)
  • Dislikes the feeling of a wet and/or dirty diaper
  • Shows interest in yours and/or others bathroom habits
  • Tells you in some way or that they did go this could be a grunt or actually tell you.
  • Wants to be independent
  • Wants to learn to use the potty

Some Cognitive signs are:

  • Understands the signals that they need to go to the bathroom
  • Can follow simple instructions like “go throw that in the garbage”
  • Has words for #1 and #2

My A will be my third child I have potty trained.  I can tell you that no two potty training experiences will be the same.  It truly comes down to how your little one is.  Trust your gut.  My son, M, and daughter, B, seemed pretty easy.  I got the training done within a week but my current trainee is very stubborn.  She wants to learn how but it has to be on her terms, when she is in the mood. Some times she wants to wear big girl panties and some times she doesn’t.  Just today she was sitting on the potty but then she decided she didn’t want to anymore but she didn’t want to put her underwear/pull-up back on.  She just wanted to sit on her step-stool, naked!  This child is going to test my patients with teaching her to use the big girl potty.

Do you have any funny potty training stories?  I’d love for you to share them in the comments below.

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