10 Valentine Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life

Hi Friends!

On Tuesday I began a series centered around Valentines Day. I gave a fun list of valentine date days or nights. ❤️ Today I would like to share 10 gift ideas for the man in your life. My hubby is so hard to shop for for Valentine’s Day because, let’s be honest, with all the flowers and candy, it seems geared more toward women, don’t ya think? But, I always like to do something special for him to show him how much I love him, regardless of all the pink & red.

Here are 10 ideas that I think any guy would love!

*These first three ideas came from KraftsbyKatelyn. She does the cutest DIYs on her YouTube channel! Definitely check her out!! *

1. A personalized Jenga game. On each block write down a question, action or memory that you and your man can talk about, do, and/or reminisce about as you play the game.

2. A snuggle kit… a gift basket that can include a movie you both enjoy, popcorn, stuff to make s’mores, his favorite candy, and/ or his favorite drink.

3. Homemade chocolate covered strawberries

4. A homemade coupon book with items such as a massage, cooking his favorite dinner, letting him choose a full day of activities, a pass for a guy’s day out, doing a chore he hates to do, etc.

5. Tickets to a sporting event

6. Gift card to his favorite store

7. A mason jar full of his favorite candy

8. A framed photo of you and him for his office

9. A new item of technology

10. An experience; such as a concert, escape room or zip lining

Hope you all enjoyed this list and I’d love to hear your ideas!

Happy Valentines Day!

Until next time, happy adventures!

Shanda 😃

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