You’ve Got Mail!

I love holidays! I try to make each one special for my family especially my kids.  Normally, for Valentine’s Day I would stick to just the day but this year I’m doing a 14 days of Valentine’s.


Each of my kids got a metal valentine’s day mailbox from Wal-mart.  My son got a Star-Wars, my oldest daughter picked Paw Patrol, my middle daughter has a Trolls mailbox, and my youngest daughter has a Minnie Mouse.  I plan to use them in the future.  But this year they are getting sticker books.  Each day they get a new page decorated by me with a little message from me (and my husband) and what we love about them.

Their mailboxes sit at their spot at our dining room table.  Each morning right before breakfast they open their mailbox and sticker book to see what they got.  I make sure to write the date so in the future years they will know what year.

I still plan to make the day special with our traditions.  For example, I will make our meals as red (or pink) as possible (making spaghetti for dinner, strawberry milk, etc.).  They will also get a special gift from us (a little candy, maybe a little toy).

What are some Valentine’s Day traditions or ways you plan to make the day special for your loved ones?


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