Monthly Goal Review

Hi Friends!

Today I am doing a monthly review of my 2019 goals. I love the accountability this blog provides and each month I will be doing an end of the month review to share how my goals are coming along. Thanks for being here and for being a part of my accountability!

Goal 1: Serve More

I am happy to report that January has presented many awesome opportunities to serve! I have gone back to serving in children’s ministry at Bible Study Fellowship as a Children’s Leader. I am excited for the privilege to teach young children about the love, grace, and glory of Jesus Christ!

I also continue to serve on the communion team at church each Sunday.

Our monthly service day did not happen in January because of some conflicts in our schedule but I am hoping to start up in February.

Goal 2: Beat my previous time at the CDA triathlon

This goal will hopefully be accomplished this summer but in preparation I have been following my weekly workout schedule and making ( mostly!) healthy food choices. I have not, however, stuck to my goal of not eating after 7pm. That just isn’t a realistic goal for our season of life. My hubby and I eat dinner after our daughter goes to bed ( which is around 7:30ish) , thus I am consistently eating after 7. Because of this I will be making sure to eat light ( most of the time! ).

Goal 3: Read 30+ books

I am well on my way to this goal! My goal was to read a book every two weeks. So far this month I have read three books ( and I still have the rest of today!) All three books were really good and I recommend them all!

I didn’t get a picture but the third book I read was Kisses From Katie.

Goal 4: Maintain blogging schedule

I have dedicated Tuesdays and Thursdays to blogging and I have made most of my personal deadlines. Hope you have enjoyed reading my posts as much as I have enjoyed writing them!

Goal 5: Keep up with Homeschool

We have been very focused on our homeschool schedule and after making a few tweaks and changes, I am happy to say that it is going well. We transitioned from four days a week of homeschooling to two. We do learning activities and lots of reading every day but we only have two days of focused activities. We are using the God’s Little Explorers curriculum but we have extended the weekly units into two weeks. It has been a wonderful change and I am so happy I decided to do it. Homeschooling was becoming a chore and now it is a joy!

So there you have it! A 2019 goal update! How are your goals coming along? I’d love to hear, so be sure to comment below!

Until next time, happy adventures!

Shanda 🙂

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