Book Review: Princess Jeweliana’s Party

Almost every night I read with all my kids at once (reading with each individually was difficult).  I have each of them pick out one to two books they would like me to read to them.  I read at least one of each of their choices, if we have time (and I have the energy) I will read their second book.  Usually one of the books my daughter, B, chooses is “Princess Jeweliana’s Party“.  It is written by Allia Zobel and the illustrations are done by Jane Dippold.


This book is a counting book with jewels.  The fairy princess Jeweliana is hosting a party.  She counts down from 10-1 using different parts of the party to count down with.  For example, she has nine dazzling lanterns, eight plates of chocolate cake, and four tea pots.  This book helped my daughter learn to count.  She is three years old and can count to thirteen all by herself.  When reading this book, on each page we point to each jewel and she counts them.

My mother in-law gave this book to my daughter.  She has loved it from day one. I did my daughter’s second birthday theme based off this book.  If you have a child that loves princesses, fairies, and/or parties, I recommend this book.  It is a fun counting book to read.

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