Fitness Life: Update


Today is day 25 of this year.  One of my New Year20190125_111859-16574067091841076554.jpg        Resolutions  is to workout 3 times a week, Top 5 New Year Resolutions.   After spending a total of ten of those days at my parent’s house and poor planning of my days, I have not succeeded at this…..Yet!



This week I have really stepped up my game.  In addition to my 30 Day Plank Challenge I am also using a fit board.  I’m not sure how the fit board is helping me with my fitness goals (Fitness Goals for 2019) but it is helping me with my back.  I’m over weight, I’m big chested, I carry 1-2 children throughout the day, and I’m constantly bending over to pick up toys or other things.  After just two days of twisting on the fit board I am noticing a difference in my back.



I have discovered a way to track my plank challenge and my fit board workouts in my planner.  I found these sheets that fit in my planner, I can track up to three things on it.  I’ve picked my memorizing devotion and my two fitness activities.



My husband and I have decided to do the Keto diet.  I’m doing it to help me reach my fitness goals.  I’m really tired of looking the way that I do in my clothes (current pic below, my daughter B took this pic. She is 3.).  My husband is doing it to help with his health.  He is diabetic.  I plan to talk more about this in a later post (keep your eye out for it next month).


How are your workouts going?  Are you heading in the right direction to reach your fitness goals?  Are you struggling like me?  Comment below to let me know.


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