How to Create a Travel Bag

I love to go on trips with my kids.  To get to have an adventure with them.  We live six hours from my parents, five from my sister, three and a half from my brother and my husband’s family have a lake house that is ten hours away.  So, we do a lot of traveling.  To help make things easier on myself I have put together a travel bag.  Everything to make car rides easier in one bag.  It is always packed and ready for our next adventure.

Lets look inside my travel bag…..


I got the bag from the Dollar Tree.  They have a great selection of bags for a great price ($1).


A Lap Table, all my older kids have one.  There are different styles available to get.  Mine I got from Costco.  They came with a coloring book, stickers, and crayons.  I plan to get one for the baby some time in the next two years.

I keep extra coloring books and crayons in the bag.  I get them from the Dollar Tree. I also keep a variety of the play packs in the bag.  These are nice because they have fun sheets to color, stickers and crayons.  I usually find these at the Dollar Tree, Target and recently Michael’s craft store.


Because I have small children, I keep extra baby wipes and tissue in the bag.  You never know when you need extra.




I also keep cups and snack bowls in the bag.  I like the cups that have a bowl in the lid.  Drinks and snacks in one.  My two-year old is a little young for straw cups (she likes to pull the straw out and play in it), so I have a sippy cup and one of the those snack bowls with a lid she can stick her fingers in to pull out the snack.


I hope this helps you with your own travel bag.  If you have anything that could be added, please comment below.


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