Let’s get organized!

Last week I shared a peek inside my planner and today I’d like to share a couple different ways that I stay organized around my home. Overall I am a pretty organized person but when we renovated our house a little over a year & a half ago I made it my mission to organize every inch of our house! And thanks to many trips to the Dollar Tree and lots of Pinterest scrolling, I have been very happy with the results. 🙂 Our space is calmer and less chaotic and the effects are even spilling over onto our four year old. Although, I will say that I currently hear her wrecking havoc on her room ( she is suppose to be napping! 🙄)

That being said we aren’t always tidy ( because life with kiddos is never tidy!) but we are always organized now and it’s such a blessing. I hope you’ll read on for some fun ways I stay organized….

As you may have noticed in the pic at the beginning of this post, I love to organize by color! I put all our books and homeschool supplies in rainbow order. As well as my closet and my daughter’s closet. I even have my phone apps organized by color!

*that was a fun tip from Hannah at http://www.homerefreshment.com . She is amazing! *

As I mentioned earlier, I take trips to the Dollar Tree often. Probably once a week, if I’m being completely honest. I love that place! And I especially love their containers. They always have a wide assortment of colors and sizes and I use them for everything! I have organized our drawers, pantry, fridge, closets…. you name it.. it most likely has bins from the Dollar Tree. I should look into buying stocks…. 🤣

The next way I stay organized is by labeling . I love using hanging tags but I also like to use dry erase markers directly on the bins. It wipes off easily and I can change what is written if and when I change out the contents of the bin.

With all the things that happen throughout the day, I was losing things left & right because I didn’t have a system for keeping things together. So I started keeping like things together ( seems like an obvious thing to do, right? But I didn’t and I’d be searching!) An example is my morning devotional time. I had my bible in one place, my journal in another, pens elsewhere… and each morning I had to gather everything together before I could begin. It kinda drove me crazy because without fail I’d just get settled in with a warm cup of coffee seconds from my lips and then realize that I left my pen somewhere else. Ugh! One trip to the Dollar Store solved that problem! Now I have everything all together and that cup of coffee can hit my lips a few seconds quicker! Ahh!!

Those are just a few ways that have helped me stay organized. I’d love for you to share the ways you have fun organizing!

Have an awesome day and until next time, happy adventures!

Shanda 🙂

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