Top Struggles as a Mom

You are probably like me, you have many roles. I’m not just a mom or a wife. I am a chef (not a good one), a taxi driver, a referee, a life partner, a cheerleader, a teacher, a councilor, etc. But do you ever feel like you are failing?

I finally felt like I wasn’t struggling as much being a mom of three and a wife but then I found out I was pregnant again! Now I am a mom of four and a wife. Most days I feel like I’m failing at least one person in my family, sometimes more.

There is so much I want for my family. One of these things is to eat as a family at our table. Doing this gives us time as a family but the kids learn table manners and it helps keep clean-up easier. But having a new baby I can’t always eat with my family. Some nights the baby wants to be fed at the same time. Some times I’m lucky if the meal is still warm.


I try to spend a little of each day with each of my kids in addition to being available when they need me. But breastfeeding a baby every two to three hours is making that difficult. My two older kids understand but my two-year old doesn’t fully understand. She was the baby and any time she wanted attention I was able to give it. But with the baby now, she has to sometimes wait for my attention. And she has the typical ways of showing she is unhappy with me; biting, scratching, and hitting (We are working on this).

I have always struggled with house chores. Now I’ve added more laundry and stuff that needs to be picked up! It feels like the work is never done! I’m trying to get the others to help more.

Sleep, what is that again? I’m definitely not getting the recommended eight hours of sleep. I feel lucky if I get four hours in a row. I do struggle more with less sleep. I’m also grumpier! I feel I struggle more with other things like getting my son to school on time, forgetting my wallet at home, changing the laundry, staying on top of the dishes, or cooking a good meal for my family.

Do you feel this way? Well let me tell you something, you are doing a great job! I knew deep inside that I was doing a good job but I didn’t know how much I needed to hear it from someone else till recently. One of the office ladies at my son’s school told me that I made four kids look easy. A big part of me jumped for joy but another part wanted to laugh because my son is late to school by just a few minutes at least once a week. But my response to this made me think that maybe us moms should lift each other up more.

So this is for you!

Happy Monday!

It is going to be a great week!!

collage 2019-01-14 07_43_23481285446916484168..jpg

2 thoughts on “Top Struggles as a Mom

  1. You are definitely an awesome mom! I think we all get that feeling of Being overwhelmed and sleep deprivation, but your family knows you love them!!!

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