Fitness Goals for 2019

Last year, 2018, was not my best year.  There was lot of unexpected events.  But this year I am determined to make it a great year.  One of the ways I’m going to do this is by getting healthy.  To get healthy it all starts with exercise.  My New Year resolution is to workout three times a week.  I created a plan, what days I would workout and what I would do in the workout.

My plan A was to workout in our garage on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.  In our garage we have a weight bench with a leg lift and arm curl attached, a row machine,a bike, and a pull-up bar tower.  However,  a few days ago I came home from spending ten days with my parents and my house was a mess!  my husband surprised me with some home remodels (more on this later).  But, our garage is over run with stuff from inside our house and tools needed for the home remodels.  So, I came up with a plan B.

My plan B is that I’m going to do challenges.  For example this month I’m going to do a plank challenge.  I found this app that helps track your challenge.  It also does other planks like the side plank.  After this 30 days are up I’m going to do a wall sit challenge.  This plan is a way of targeting certain areas of my body I want to improve.

My short term goal is to look better in my current clothes.  I want to put pants and shirts on and not worry about how my belly looks or if I have a muffin top.

My long term goals are to want to and to actually workout more than three times a week.  I also want to lose an additional 50 pounds or more.  I would also like to lose a few pants sizes.  Overall, I want to be healthier, for myself and to set and example for my kids.

Please share with me what fitness/health goals you have.  If you need someone to help support you on this journey, please let me know.  I would be happy to help.  I’m counting on you to help me.

Cheers to a healthier year!


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