A Peek Inside My Planner

To say I am a planner geek is putting it mildly….I am Obsessed! I LOVE to plan and organize and I LOVE my Happy Planner! This year I decided on the Happy Mama, Happy Life one and is working out great!

I love the layout, even though I was originally unsure, because I have used the vertical full page layout for the last couple years. However, this layout is perfect for this season of life.

My favorite thing about this Planner is the weekly layout design. On the left side the page is broken up into the following sections, Errands, To Buy, Calls/Emails, Bills to Pay, and Focus.

I love this because it helps me to more clearly see the things I need to tend to each week. Things I often forget. 🤪

The right side of the layout has sections for each day of the week as well as a “What’s for Dinner” section.

Below is a picture of my current week…

This planner also includes a full page spread for each month with Monthly Goals, To-Do List, and Top Priorities.

Another fun feature of this planner is at the beginning of each month there is a place for birthdays, notes, important dates and Mom’s Master Plans ( 👈🏻love!) All throughout the planner there are cute quotes and graphics all about mom life… so encouraging and uplifting! Love that! ❤️

I have had to change very little about this planner to suit my needs, however I have changed a couple things. My husband and I eat the same thing for dinner each night so I use the “What’s for dinner” section to write out our lunches. I write out my daughters meal plan on an index card and tape it in my planner using washi tape. I don’t think I’ll use the calls/emails section very much, so that will probably be decorated with stickers most of the time. ( I am also obsessed with planner stickers!)

The one item I can not plan without?…..colored pens! Not only does the rainbow of colors bring a smile to my face, they help keep me focused and organized.

So there you have it…a peek inside my new 2019 Happy Mama Planner! Hope you enjoyed this peek and got a bit of inspiration to begin the new year with your own new planner. And if you are also a planner geek, leave a comment below sharing about your planner system.

Until next time friends, happy adventures!

Shanda 🙂

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