Happy New Year!!

I am so happy to be back writing with you guys! I have missed sharing my thoughts, visions, and happiness with all of you along with my dear friend Sarah! Haven’t her posts been amazing and inspiring? I love that dear lady and her dear family and I’m thankful to be together again on this blog. šŸ˜

It’s crazy to think that we are in 2019 already! Seems like yesterday it was the beginning of 2018 and now here we are already…. a year later. Did you accomplish everything you set out to do?…maybe half ? Perhaps nothing? That is the amazing thing about a new year… it’s a chance to reboot, refresh, start over, do-over, or be confident that you were living your best life and nothing needs to change.

I always use this first day of the year ( as well as the days leading up) to plan, ponder, dream, and determine the upcoming year. I also look back on the previous year to assess what worked and what didn’t work. And lastly, I set up some grace-filled goals. I don’t know about you but I need grace! Lots of it! Because I know I will flounder and fail… and grace is what saves us. It’s what helps us stand when we fall, love when it’s difficult, and push through no matter what!

That is the thing I want to impress on your hearts today, loves, …. give yourself grace in this new year! And enjoy ALL the moments! Even the failing and floundering ones. šŸ¤Ŗ

I set five goals for myself for 2019. With grace for myself leading the charge…

*Serve whenever and wherever Jesus calls me.

*Keep up with our homeschool schedule/routine.

* Read 30+ books.

*Complete the CDA Triathlon , beating my previous time.

*Keep up my two day a week writing schedule for this blog

I would love to hear what your goals are so I can root for you and cheer you on along your journey!!

Have a very happy and blessed New Year!!

Until next time, cultivate happiness friends!

Shanda šŸ™‚

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