Fall Soup Series: Tomato Soup

Another great soup to warm up to after a day of cold weather is Tomato Soup.  My husband and I have always loved this classic combo of tomato soup with a grilled cheese.  But a year or so ago, I was at Costco.  They had one of those sample booths set up (always dangerous).  They were sampling Pacific Organic roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup.  They were sampling it with those fried onion pieces that you usually put on that green bean dish that is usually found this time of year at holiday gatherings.  It was SO good!  I bought a box.  It has now been added to our favorite soup list.


Now, you can’t find a better side to go with tomato soup than a grilled cheese.  I prefer white bread and cheddar cheese.  But I know you can make some other amazing grilled cheese sandwiches.  I once ran out of bread and used french bread.  You can use different types of cheese and add other ingredients like bacon to help make an amazing sandwich.  How do you like your grilled cheese when pairing it with a tomato soup?


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