A World of Cookies for Santa

When I started planning my posts for the month of December I knew I wanted to do one on holiday cookies.  I put it at the end of the month because I wasn’t sure what I was going to do.  I figured i would be doing something about what holiday cookies we bake each Christmas.  But I found something else, a children’s book.  The book is call “A World of Cookies for Santa”.  This is written by M.E. Furman with illustrations by Susan Gal.


This book is so much fun!  It starts on Christmas Eve with Santa packing up his sleigh.  Then we follow along as Santa travels the world.  The first place he stops is Christmas Island and we finish the book with Santa heading back to the North Pole after his last stop being Hawaii.


With each stop Santa makes we learn what gift Santa leaves for the children and what special treat the children leave for Santa.  In the very back of the book, some of the recipes for the special treats can be found for you to make at home.


My kids love this book! We are looking forward to trying the recipes ourselves.  Do you have a favorite cookie you love to back?



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