Christmas Struggles with My Toddler

I am the mom of four beautiful children and I love them so much.  I love to share with them and help them experience new things or traditions from previous years that they may not remember.

Traditions and family is what I love about this time of year.  I love sharing all our ornaments that my husband and I have collected over the last thirteen years.  Why we got them and who gave them to us and what year (I write who received it, who gave it and what year on the box the ornament came in).

As this holiday season approaches I have all these hopes and dreams for how things will go and what we will do.  When and how we will decorate the house and tree.  what movies we watch and when.  How many different types of cookies we will make.  If we will decorate more than one gingerbread house (I usually buy these the year before but on the after Christmas sales).

But this year my hopes and dreams are proving to be a little difficult to achieve.  My two-year old is making things difficult.  She will not leave anything alone! We have only gotten the tree up and decorated and our Christmas village up.  My daughter, A, has pulled numerous ornaments off the tree.  So I moved them all up out of her reach (like I did with our two older kids when they were her age)j.  I assumed that would be the end of the tree struggle.  She proved me wrong!  She has pulled our tree down (over) twice!!!


I have thought about putting up a baby gate (fence) around it but she would just climb over it.  I have thought about just packing up everything.  Maybe pulling it out a couple of days before Christmas and then putting it all away the day after Christmas.  But then I would miss out on snuggling on the couch with nothing but the Christmas lights on, Christmas music playing and drinking hot chocolate.

Our Christmas village is very special to us.  It is a one of a kind.  Last year we went to Michael’s Craft store, we bought wooden houses, painted and decorated them.  We add any accessory that we want.  I bought a few things after Christmas last year but one request my son made to have added this year was a Grinch.  I bought one this year.  But just like our tree, my two-year old won’t stay out of it.  She keeps moving things or tries to play with them.


I feel like it is a constant struggle this year.  There is more stress than joy.  I have cried a few times.  Most of the items that have been broken I have been able to fix.  I’m trying to remember that she will get use to having the decorations up.  I need to focus on what is still coming but to keep a watchful eye on my daughter around the Christmas decorations.

I have a mini gingerbread village for my kids to decorate, a big gingerbread house to decorate, and the Frozen gingerbread castle to be decorated.  We still have so many movies we want (and usually) watch.  We have cookies to bake, pictures with Santa, and Christmas shopping.

I am struggling more than usual this year but I just need to remember that this won’t last forever, she is only two for one year.  And there is still so much to look forward to.  If you are struggling with this holiday season, please comment.  If you know someone who is struggling, please share this with them.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



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