Preparing for a baby: 3 Key Tips for Packing a Diaper Bag for Multiple Children

I am about to become a mom of four with three of them under the age of four.  I had stopped carrying a diaper bag this last year but kept diaper for my current youngest, A, in my car.  But once I have the baby, I need to start carrying a diaper bag again.  Since I will be then I decided to have items in it for all my toddlers and the baby.  With three little girls stuff in a single diaper bag it needs to be simple and organized.

There are three main things I did,

  1. Diaper Bag: 20181121_150823780207699092552913.jpgI found a diaper bag with multiple pockets in a style that fit my needs.  I went with a backpack style that has ten pockets.  I picked one that was basic in style so my husband or anyone else wouldn’t be embarrassed to take it with them if they are watching my baby.  I got my diaper bag at Wal-Mart for about $20.  I’ve been trying to prepare on a budget (check out Preparing for a baby: Top Places to get Baby Items at Decent Prices if you are preparing on a budget).
  2. Simple and Basic: 20181121_1514116483102928385633478.jpgWhen packing the diaper bag I tried to keep it simple.  Only the basic items that each child/baby would need.  My three-year old, B, is potty trained but having an extra change of clothes just in case she has an accident.  My two-year old, A, is still in diapers.  I keep about three of her diapers in the bag and a change of clothes, just in case.  I don’t keep toys or blankets for them in the diaper bag because I can keep that stuff in the car or their car seat.  The diaper bag is mainly for my newborn, E.  She will have more needs and less mobility than my other children.  I have about five diapers, wipes, a small diaper cream and baby powder, a simple changing pad (that came with the diaper bag), a change of clothes, one receiving blanket, a burp rag, and a wipe rag (not really needed but nice to have).  I currently have the outfit we plan to bring our little bundle of joy home in, but this is temporary.
  3. Ziploc with Names: 20181121_1518197470573329701179596.jpgTo make things easier for other people who might be getting into the diaper bag I have labelled what belongs to which child.  I am using gallon size Ziploc bags (diapers and clothes fit best in them) with name and item in it.  I also separated each child into different pockets (just the clothes).  Diapers I keep in separate Ziploc bags but in the main diaper bag pocket for easy access with the wipes and changing pad.

I hope you found some of this helpful.  If you have any suggestions or alternatives I would love to hear them.  Please comment and share.  Also, please check out these other posts within the Preparing for a baby series and other related posts:

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