Preparing for a baby: Top Places to get Baby Items at Decent Prices

Preparing for a baby is expensive! in my first of the preparing for a baby series, I gave some of the basic items needed, Preparing For a Baby: Basic Items Needed for having a Baby.  But even those basic items can add up in price.  There are 8 places you can shop and get amazing deals to help make preparing easier on your budget.  Some of these places just require smart shopping.

  1. Yard sales/Facebook Groups

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I never went to a yard sale (garage sales) growing up.  My husband’s family not only go to other people’s yard sales but they always held their own.  Buying items from yard sales can reduce some of the bigger items by hundreds of dollars.  When I was pregnant with my son, my oldest, I got my crib, mattress, and changing table at a yard sale.  All three items together cost me just a $100.  I looked up the changing table and buying it brand new at full price was $90!  Buying from yard sales does come with some cleaning.  I always clean and sanitize what I buy.  My mother-in-law is a part of the Facebook yard sale groups.  She is always on the hunt for good deals on items anyone in her family needs or might like.

2. Craigslist


Craigslist is another great place to find used baby items.  These items would also require cleaning and sanitizing.  My husband is usually the one on this site looking for great deals.  He found our “new to us” van on Craigslist.

3. Ross Dress for less


I love shopping at Ross! I can get too carried away on their great deals.  I buy clothes for everyone here.  They also carry the smaller baby items like a baby bath seat/tub, bottles, and toys.  They usually have the best prices, even if it is a few dollars cheaper than other stores.

4. Wal-Mart


I am always here it seems.  I love seeing what they have and what is on clearance.  I always check out the clearance aisle or sections when I’m there.  You just never know what they have added to the clearance.  I also double-check what the price is because most of the time it is marked down even more.  I’ve gotten burp rags and clothes here.  I’ve been finding them on clearance for a $1, $2, or $3.  If I buy bigger items I always compare their prices to Amazon.  Half the time they are cheaper but they also price match.

5. Amazon


My husband does most of our shopping on Amazon.  you can find some great deals! We got a cute pink cover for the baby’s car seat to help keep her warm this winter.

6. Burlington


Burlington is very similar to Ross.  they do carry bigger items like cribs and car seats.  I’ve gotten maternity clothes here ($8.99 for a pair of pants) and baby clothes.  I was just there recently looking at crib mattresses and I could have purchased so many cute outfits that were $10 or under!

7. Fred Meyers


I usually only buy here during really good clearance sales.  When they put items on clearance, they mark them down first and then do an additional percentage off.  It is usually 40% off but some times they do 50%, 60% or 70% off.  I usually go crazy during the 70% off clearance sales.  I recently got two table mats for my diaper back for $0.15 each (regular price is $4.99 or more). And on the rare occasion you find deals that are unheard of.  Over spring break this last school year I bought a shirt that was tagged at about $7 but at the register it range up a lot cheaper.  I got the shirt for $0.04! Yes, that is not a typo, I got it for four cents.  the shirt had been on clearance for a few years and their system automatically marked it down.  I usually just buy clothes here but they do sell bigger items like high chairs and car seats.

8. Kohl’s


I find kohl’s regular prices to be high but if you know and understand how to use and apply their coupons, you can get things for amazing prices!   My mother-in-law is one of those people.  She can purchase hundreds of dollars worth of clothes but with discounts and coupons she only spends $10-$50.  It is always fun to see her receipts because it shows how much she spent and how much she saved.

I hope this helps you shop on a budget better.  Having kids gets expensive quickly.  I’m always looking for ways to save money.  If you know any great ways or places to save money, please comment or even email me.


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