The Best Free “Baby Tracker” App

I have had a very busy week! Because of the complications that I had during my pregnancy, I was induced on Monday night, 37 weeks. Our new bundle of Joy, E, joined us November 6th at 3:56pm. She was 6 lb 14 oz and almost 21 inches long. She is so beautiful! The delivery went great with no complications except for she did have jaundice (yellowing of the skin).

Being a mom, there is so much I do each day and now that I have a newborn there is so much more that I need to add to my already busy day. I have found an amazing app that helps me track my new baby’s needs like feedings and diaper changes. This app is free and called “Baby Tracker”.

The “Baby Tracker” app keeps track of so much information and for the first 5 years and 2 months. You can store information for multiple children. So, if you are a mom of 4 kids like me, they can all be in this one app! Here is what the app can track:


If you are breastfeeding your baby (like me), you can track which side they feed from and for how long. If you feed your baby by bottle, you can log if it is formula or breast milk, how much you feed them in ml or oz, and how long they feed. With each log you can add a note or a special detail about the feeding. With my current newborn i have been adding how easy we start feeding or if she woke demanding to be fed.




This section helps track when and how long the baby sleeps. As I try to develop a sleep schedule this section will be more and more useful. I plan to start using it soon.



Keeping track of how many diaper changes a newborn has and what kind of change it is, pee or poo, is really important the first few weeks. This section is one I am currently using a lot. Doctors and nurses are always wanting updates to see how she (or he) is doing.



Activities (Leisure)


In this section I can keep track of any tummy time my baby does. Which I will probably start using in a few days. I can also track play time, bath time and any outdoor fun she has. I’m really looking forward to exploring this part of the app more in the future.




For at least the first part of the baby’s life they have quiet a few doctors appointments. At each of these appointments their weight, height, and head measurements are taken. I’m one of those parents that loves to hear what percentile my kids growth end up in. This section helps you track this information.



All of my kids have had

20181111_2147053558534241450799572.jpgjaundice. Some didn’t have it very long and others have it so bad that they are under the blue lights for days. My newborn was readmitted two days after we were discharged from the hospital because her jaundice level jumped so high. She had to be under the blue lights non stop for over twenty-four hours. I didn’t want to formula feed. So I pumped every two or three hours. Usually after feeding her what I previously pumped. I was able to use this section to log how long I pumped and how much milk I produced. There is also an area in each log entry to add a note or special detail.



In this section you can keep track of any medications your little one might be taking, their temperature when they are sick, and when and what vaccinations they have had. I have only used the medication part of this section. I logged when my baby’s blood was taken to check her jaundice level and what level is was at.





This is a fun section! This allows you to upload a photo each month of your child’s life for the first five years and two months. I have already uploaded my newborns photo.

My newborn is not even a week old and I have fallen in love with this app. I have used it so much and plan to continue to use it. I might not always use all sections but I do look forward to exploring it more. There is also a place where I can add my other kids and log/track their information. Which I plan to do really soon. I hope that you find this app just as useful as I do. Happy logging and tracking your baby.

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