Preparing For a Baby: Basic Items Needed for having a Baby

Having a baby requires getting more furniture, clothes, and toys.  I already have three kids and all their toys, clothes and furniture.  Living in a three bedroom, two bath ranch style house we are crowded as a family of five.  Adding another baby and all that is needed can be overwhelming and if not careful can clutter up an already small space.  I decided to reduce the amount of clutter, I only wanted things that were needed and I would be useful.  After careful consideration, these are the items I came up with that I would need and use.

A Car Seat

collage 2018-10-30 22_36_098876114641397080443..jpg


I put this as the first item because it is needed to take your baby home if you are going by car.  Without one, it would be hard to run errands like the grocery store or taking/picking up my son from school.  I can’t just leave my baby at home by herself.

A Crib with Mattress

collage 2018-10-30 22_05_06568729181023686700..jpg

A baby needs their own space to sleep and nap.  I love letting my kids nap in my arms and some times I don’t mind sharing my bed.  But a baby still needs their own sleeping space.  It can help them grow and learn to self sooth once they are a little older.

A Changing Table

collage 2018-10-30 22_22_255813720527434758306..jpg

This isn’t really a need item.  A baby can be changed on a changing mat on the floor or on a table.  But having a designated changing space with shelves to put extra changing items like diapers and wipes is nice.  When we travel to my parent’s house, they don’t have a changing table.  We use a bed or the ottoman in the living room.  They have a basket/bucket they keep extra changing stuff in.

A High Chair

collage 2018-10-30 22_09_281571759865498572987..jpg

This item isn’t really needed until a baby starts eating but it can take up extra space in a home.  I did research and decided I wanted one that sits in a chair.  It is not free-standing like a typical high chair.  My mother-in-law was able to find us one that I wanted at a yard sale for just $5.  I can’t wait to use it!


collage 2018-10-30 22_17_093963272238356247388..jpg


When someone is expecting, people love to buy baby clothes.  Whether you are having a girl or a boy, there are so many cute clothes!  I tried to stick to just a week or so of outfits and started with sizes newborn to three months.  Once my baby gets to 3 months I will start getting bigger sizes.  I’m limited on space.  I’m adding my baby into a bedroom that already has two toddlers and all their stuff.  I need to really use what space I have wisely.

Diapers and Wipes

collage 2018-10-30 22_11_208745288386849299184..jpg

Normally I get my diapers and wipes from Costco but my Costco doesn’t sell newborn size diapers (plus I didn’t want that many).  Babies typically don’t stay in newborn size diapers very long.  I got my newborn diapers from Wal-Mart.  They usually have good prices.  We feel that for the amount you get versus the price, Costco is the best place.  I know other people, like my brother, have theirs delivered through amazon or other places.

Diaper Bag

collage 2018-10-30 22_20_173495117997721746424..jpg

Whenever you and the baby go somewhere supplies are usually needed to be taken with the baby.  This is when a diaper bag comes in handy.  It can hold all the baby’s needs.  As part of my Preparing for a Baby series, look for my “Packing a Diaper Bag for Multiple Children” post.  It will be coming out in a few weeks.

Blankets, Receiving blankets, and/or Burp Rags

collage 2018-10-30 22_30_598264368314510566524..jpg


If you are on a budget and have limited space, not all three of these are needed.  From my experience receiving blankets can be used for a burp rag.  However, in my preparations I bought just one fluffy, soft blanket (I know she will get more for Christmas).  I also bought a couple of receiving blankets and burp rags.  I got them at good prices; clearance at Wal-Mart or a good price at places like Ross.

Crib and Changing Table Sheets

collage 2018-10-30 22_27_483381012560541519624..jpg


I didn’t have to buy any of these because I already have two toddlers and I had kept the sheets from when they were babies.  However, if you do need them I recommend getting at least two of each.  That way when you are washing one, you have another to use.

A Bouncy Chair

collage 2018-10-30 22_34_412505719629731420139..jpg


I prefer a bouncy chair over a playpen.  It takes up less space and I can move it from room to room.  Depending on where I am; doing dishes in the kitchen, laundry in a bedroom, or relaxing in the living room.  My other kids (and cat) loved our old bouncy chair.

A Bassinet

collage 2018-10-30 22_24_467049383488399212803..jpg


This isn’t really a need item because of the crib but I like to have one next to my bed.  I like to have the baby extra close for the first few months.  My best friend, who had a baby in June, gave me hers.  But it didn’t come with any sheets.  I discovered that a changing table sheet works as a bassinet sheet most of the time.

I hope my list of top items needed for a baby has helped you to become better prepared for you having a baby.  Please feel free to share what you might feel is a need item that I missed or you disagree with.  I would love to hear your thoughts and/or suggestions.

And please remember to look for my upcoming posts that are part of my “preparing for a baby series”.

4 thoughts on “Preparing For a Baby: Basic Items Needed for having a Baby

  1. Good practical list! Looks Ken how you stick to the basics. We have 4 kids too and always lived in small places. But you know— you just make it work and it’s fine! And — congratulations on your little one!!

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