Top 12 Needs for a Soccer Mom

Over a week ago I sat in my car watching the rain hit my windshield and my son chase a soccer ball. It was his first day of soccer and I was not prepared! I have created a list (with the help of a friend) of the top 12 things a soccer mom should have on soccer days.

1. Water; lots and lots of water

I knew to bring water but I forgot. I didn’t create a list like I should have. I didn’t realize I forgot water for my son until the coaches went over the dos and don’ts. Lucky for me I always have a few bottles in my car for emergencies.

2. Shin Guards

Soccer can be a physical sport. The ball can be missed and a shin can be hit. Plus the organization we went through required that the players have them. I’m going to assume that all do for safety.

3. Soccer socks

My son’s shin guards do not have straps to wrap around his leg. We use socks to hold the shin guards in place. However, we used regular long socks and they do not work! Proper soccer socks are so much better! When we used the regular socks, my son kept running over to me or had to stop to put the shin guard back in place and pull up his sock. He didn’t have to do this with soccer socks.

4. Hat/sunglasses/gloves/blanket

My good friend, Heather, has been a soccer mom for year. And she loves it! She reminded me that soccer is usually in spring and fall and living in the PNW the weather can be unpredictable, change quickly. You should be prepared for anything. Make sure to have a hat, sunglasses, and a blanket handy. If being a soccer mom is something you will be for many years you might want to invest in a luxury item of a portable propane heater (Heather swears it’s real).

5. Umbrella

An umbrella is a multi-use item. It will keep you dry in wet weather and provide shade on a warm sunny day. I have two umbrellas, a small single person and a big multi person. We bought a combo pack from Costco a few months ago.

6. Snacks

Kids work off a lot of energy while playing soccer and can work up an appetite. Having a snack afterwards is a nice treat for them. I like to have a chocolate milk and bp cracker sandwiches or string cheese. But my friend, Heather, recommends you have extra snacks. Depending on the day and game(s) you and any family and friends you are with might need a snack too. I have two young girls and they always want a snack when they see their brother with one.

7. Folding (camping) chair

Soccer takes place on a field. Unless you want to sit on the ground I recommend bring a folding chair. I also have little folding chairs for my girls.

8. Toys/book

My girls are young and like to keep busy. They get bored watching their brother play soccer. I try to always have toys for them to play with. My oldest daughter loves to draw and work on writing her letters. So, I like to bring notebooks and crayons for her to use.

9. Cellphone/camera

Memories are being made! I love capturing them. I usually use my phone because I always have it and it convenient. We do have a nice camera. My husband is usually the one who remembers and wants to use it.

10. Wagon

If you go by this list plus any other personal items, this is a lot to haul around. My friend Heather recommends a wagon to help carry it all. I don’t currently have one but it is on my list to get.

11. Starbucks (coffee, soda, etc.)

My friend Heather is a Starbucks girls. She recommends it, to help keep you warm on cold days (or cool on warm days) and energized. We need to keep up with those kids!

12. Patience/ a kind word

Our little ones are just kids. They are not professional athletes. Tell them how great they did or how awesome they are. Don’t mention what they did wrong or what they could do different next time (that’s what practice is for). As my friend Heather suggested, “Praise them for getting out there and doing the best they can!”

I wasn’t as prepared for my son’s first day of soccer as I would have liked. I hope my mistakes and the advice from my friend Heather, the experienced soccer mom, helps you when/if you become a soccer mom.

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