Top 5 Things to Make a Holiday Special

I love celebrating holidays! It doesn’t matter how small or how big the holiday is, I want to celebrate. There are five basic things I do to make holidays fun for my loved ones.

1. Food

In some way I try to make at least one meal special. For example, this morning (St. Patrick’s Day) I made green shamrock pancakes with chocolate chips. On Valentine’s Day, dinner is almost completely red or pink. The meal is usually spaghetti and strawberry milk. On Halloween we always bake the jack-o’-lantern pizza from Papa Murphy’s. Some of these are family traditions from when I was a kid and some are ones I started with my kids.

2. Decorations

I love to decorate my house for holidays (I think it drives my husband crazy). My favorite place to shop is the Dollar Tree. Everything is just a dollar. I usually buy something for my front door and a few things for inside. I try not to go to crazy but I can’t always help it.

3. Costumes

I also love to decorate myself and kids for holidays. I usually get headbands and necklaces, also from the Dollar tree. I got some for St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas. At Christmas time, my kids wore them to the Christmas tree lighting. They loved them and received a lot of compliments.

4. Activities/Craft Projects

My kids and I love to do craft projects and play games! The craft projects depend on the holiday and what are available at the stores. For this last Thanksgiving my kids and I made a placemats for everyone that was going to be at dinner. For Valentine’s Day my parents mailed my kids sun catchers and sugar cookies to decorate. Depending on the holiday, the kids might go on a scavenger hunt or play board games. It’s fun for everyone.

5. Gifts

Not every holiday needs gift giving. For certain holidays like Valentine’s Day, I like to get something special for my kids. Last month my daughter’s each got a stuffed animal and my son got a Lego Pokemon ball. I always try to personalize it or get them something they can continue to play with or use again.

I hope this has given you some ideas on how to make your holidays extra special!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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