1000 Gifts

I recently read this amazing book…. and it changed up the way I do my devotional time and the way I look at my days. After reading it, I started my own list of 1000 things to be thankful & grateful for. And it has been a life changer for me. 😄

Each day I list 10 things that I’m thankful for. Some days there are easily more than 10 but on harder days it takes a little more digging to come up with 10. I always try for at least 10 each and every day.

I found this adorable journal at Hobby Lobby and it has become a perfect gratitude journal. So each morning following my bible study and prayer time, I whip this baby out and start my list. It’s so life affirming and it’s made me feel so much better focusing on all my many blessings instead of the hiccups of the day. Let me know if you have a gratitude journal and what system you use.

Happy adventures until next time!

Shanda 😃

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