Make Today Great

I have discovered that I am a lazy mom. I would rather have fun and play than do housework and chores. I HATE doing dishes and laundry. It is never ending! I have tried different methods on how to be the “perfect” stay-at-home mom. Nothing seems to help! This year I have tried something new. I’m calling it The sticker block method.

I bought a new planner from Michael’s craft store and a few sticker booklets. I organized it by month (obviously) and behind each month are the weekly pages. I went through each month and put in holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries. I then went through each week and added little inspirations.

Every night or first thing in the morning I sit down with my planner and sticker books and plan out the day. I stick to one day at a time because I seem to focus and succeed more.

Some of the items I include in my days are a step tracker, laundry, shopping, chores, meals, meal planning, pay bills, appointments, exercise, weather, kids activities, date nights, and birthdays.

Every time I am filling out my day I ask myself “what do I want out of today?” My answer is usually to have a productive day but sometimes I just want to relax and have fun. My productive day is usually where the block part of my method comes in. I decide what I want to get done; laundry (usually one to two loads everyday), chores (house work like dusting, vacuuming, bathrooms, and mopping), workout (we have a built an in-home gym and I have one of those fit boards, I struggle with this one the most), and working on my blog (reading other bloggers posts and writing my own). I try not to set times to have it done, just block out a chunk to make sure I have wiggle room to either add unexpected things that come up and to allow fun times with my family or on the rare occasion, “me-time”. It gives me balance in my day and life.

By blocking my day I have a guide for my day and the stickers make it fun and allow me to be creative. I know that using a paper planner is sort-of old school but it allows me to see my days, weeks, and months better. More visibly than using the calendar on my phone.

If this sounds like a method for you, I suggest you check out Michael’s craft store. They have a large variety of planners and sticker booklets. If you sign up for their email rewards program, they send a coupon of 40-60% off a regular priced item everyday.

I wish you happy planning!

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