70.3 Training

So one of my greatest passions are triathlons and I am currently training for the Ironman Cda 70.3. I developed a passion for Ironman Triathlon after moving to CDA, Idaho in 2005. Even since then I have fallen in love with the sport and the community of like minded athletes. I am far from an elite athlete and usually end up toward the end of the pack but I don’t care because I do triathlons solely for myself.

In 2012 I attempted to complete a full Ironman in CDA but missed a cut off on the bike portion of the race by 3 minutes. 3 minutes!!! Those three minutes have haunted me ever since. I still deeply desire to complete a full Ironman and doing a half Ironman is the beginning of my redemption.

I have previously signed up to do a couple of half Ironmans but was unable to compete in either race, so this will be my first Ironman 70.3. I have done several other, shorter, triathlons and I am so very excited to pursue this goal.

I so firmly believe that as wives and mothers we need to find things outside our families that are 100% for us. Try new things and discover new passions, or take time to rekindle old passions that have been lodged deep inside. It’s important to do things for yourself and that will in turn make you a happier wife and mom for your family. And don’t they deserve the best version of yourself? I’d love to hear what sets your soul on fire!

Have an awesome weekend!

Happy adventures until next time!

Shanda šŸ˜ƒ

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