A Look Inside My Prayer Binder

So, I’ve written a couple blog posts now about devotion time and I wanted to share this evening about my prayer binder. I started using a prayer binder a couple years ago and it has been a great way to keep track of prayer requests and keep on top of all the people I want to be praying for. It’s also the place I keep up on my gratitude, word of the year study, and other resources.

I put together my prayer binder in a school binder and I used dividers to sections off the different area of my binder.

This is the way I set it up using dividers:

1. Personal Evaluation : this is where I have my yearly mission statement and yearly grace-filled goals. I check in on these on a regular bases to make sure I am staying on track with both my mission statement and my goals.

2. Bible Study : this is where I write notes on any bible studies I am doing.

3. Scripture Study: this is where I work on scripture memorization.

4. Word Study: my word for 2018 is intentional and this is where I write down verses and quotes that relate to this word.

5. Gratitude: my praises to Jesus 🙂

6. Book/resources: this year I have listed all the books I hope to read this year.

7. Daily Prayers: I pray daily for my immediate family.

8. – 14. Monday – Sunday: I have broken the days of the week into focused days of specific prayers:

Monday: church leaders, church as a whole

Tuesday: our finances, my husband’s job, and our family side biz.

Wednesday: Extended family & long distance friends

Thursday: missions & organizations

Friday: unbelieving family & friend

Saturday: local friends

Sunday: government & world issues

Hope you enjoyed a peek into my prayer binder! I’d love to hear how you have set up your prayer journal or binder!

Have a great Wednesday!!

Happy adventures until next time!

Shanda 😃

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