Our Homeschool Schedule

Hi guys!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday! Can you believe we made it to Friday!! Whoop! Whoop! Give yourselves a pat on the back! 😘

So my deadline for this post was yesterday but with hardly any sleep the night before ( A woke multiple times throughout the night) I knew I probably wasn’t going to get to it until today… so here it is!

One of the things that has brought me so much happiness since becoming a SAHM in June is homeschooling A. After years of teaching preschool, it has been so fun & so fulfilling to finally be teaching my own daughter. We only homeschool two days a week because A goes to preschool 1 1/2 days a week. We just recently started homeschooling in the afternoons, following nap, and that seems to be working great! We typically do our schooling on Mondays & Thursdays. I wanted to share our schedule but please keep in mind that we are very flexible with it ( because she is only 3 πŸ€ͺ) and sometimes activities go quicker than scheduled or, are so fun!, that they last longer than scheduled.

Here is the schedule that has worked out really good for us:

3:30 Circle Time; bible story, calendar, days of the week song, etc.

3:45 Writing ; basically at this stage we are practicing holding a pencil the proper way, writing from left to right with tracing activities. We always have a letter of the week and we’ll do a worksheet of that letter on Thursdays.

4:00 Math; counting activity and number of the week worksheet

4:15 Small Motor; cutting with scissors, lacing cards, blocks, legos, etc.

4:30 Sensory; playdoh, sensory bins, cooking activities ( we try to bake twice a month) , water table, etc.

4:45 Spiritual Growth; we are working on memorizing Psalm 23 ( we’ll probably continue working on that through the end of the school year)

5:00 Music; we love to put on Pandora’s Toddler station and just dance around the house.

515 Free play; we typically play together in her room together before I start dinner

5:30 Dinner; A usually eats before we do so I typically will let her watch Preschool Prep videos while she eats dinner on homeschooling nights. If you haven’t heard of Preschool Prep videos, they are absolutely amazing! They are a series of DVDs that teach colors, shapes, numbers, letters, sight words, and word blends. I highly recommend them!!!

So there you have it! Our homeschooling schedule! If you decide to take the leap into homeschooling, I have one piece of advice… have a schedule but allow for flexibility in your day.

Happy adventures until next time!

Shanda πŸ˜ƒ

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