My daily devotional time

One of my favorite times of the day is before anyone else is awake and I have the house to myself. Most of the time the sun isn’t even awake yet. Coffee is brewing and my heart & spirit is fully open to God’s voice. This is my daily devotion time, my most sacred time of the day because it’s just Jesus and I. I am so thankful that I developed this early morning routine every morning. Spending time with Jesus before the business of the day gets me through the toughest stay-at-home days and reminds me of all of God’s love, grace, and glory.

I have encouraged all of you to establish a daily devotional time and I wanted to share the items I use during my time. Of course, I always have my bible and my prayer binder ( which I’ll show you a look into in a future blog) but I also have my highlighter pens and Washi tape close by as well as my 1000 Gifts ( more on that later as well) journal. I always begin my devotional time with prayer, then I dive into whichever bible study I’m currently do( Once again, more on my current study in a later blog šŸ˜‰). Next up, I write prayers in a prayer binder and then I wrap up my time by reflecting and listing my gifts.

I’d love to hear about your devotional time! Leave me a comment. šŸ˜ƒ

Happy adventures until next time!


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